Super co2 jet-machine

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Super Co2 jet-machine product parameters:
1. Power: 600 W
2. Control: DMX 512 & Electronic Control Mode
3. Spray Height: 12-15 meters
4. Voltage: AC 220 V 60 Hz/AC 110 V 50 Hz
5. Weight: 30 Kg
6. Carton Dimensions: 440 mm x 440 mm x 800 mm
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Product name: Super co2 jet-machine

Product parameters:
1. Power: 600W
2. Control: DMX 512 & Electronic Control Mode
3. Spray Height: 12-15meters
4. Voltage: AC 220V 60Hz/AC 110V 50Hz
5. Weight: 30Kg
6. Carton Dimensions: 440mm x 440mm x 800mm

DMX instruction:
DMX has 1 channel, see as following:
Channel 1: CO2 spray (0-255) ON.

Installs illustration:
1. Places the large CO2 column on the corresponding position
2. Connect the co2 hose to gas bottle
3. Put down the bottle and keep it flat
4. Connect the machine with the gas bottle via the hose, hose one side
connect with tank, the other side connect with the machine
5. Turn on the valve of the gas bottle
6. Connect the machine and the console.
7. Before disassembling, firstly turn off the bottle valve, let out the gas
which remain in the pipe, then turn off the power, lastly separate the
connector of the gas bottle.

Operation method:
DMX512 signal control: Press to the “DMX” switch, there has 1
channels under the DMX512 signal environment. After connect the
DMX512 console, push the first switch will Continue for 1 second CO2
column; push the first switch always , will continue for C02 column.
If don’t use the DMX,please connect with the electronic wire,control the
button to open & close the machine
▲The CO2 column squirt time cannot surpass for long time.
▲Two jet time intervals cannot be short in 5 seconds.
▲Before connect the power, please be sure each part of the CO2 column
is connection already to operation
▲The bottle must put down and keep flat. Or else the gas column can’t
go out
▲The trachea connection must be sure link
▲When not use the machine, the nozzle, the steel bottle intake must be
envelop, in order to prevent enter other thing.

1 step:
  package include folow items: 
   ·〉Super co2 cannon  x 1
   ·〉8meter Co2 hose x 4
   ·〉user manual x 1
2 step:
 pack by foam

3 step:
 put it in one carton box

carton package size: 44X44X80 CM
gross weight: 30 KG
GAGALight's products are passed CE,ROHS,FCC,FDA,TUV. The GAGALIGHT also passed ISO9001 Quality Managerment System.

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